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To know about us, is to know what we are about ...
At The Nature of Business, we believe so strongly in the wisdom of nature that our organization evolved in line with our intent - according to the emergent principle.

“We can accomplish more together, than the sum of our separate accomplishments”
The Nature of Business is not a single organization with multiple parts, but multiple organizations with a single purpose - forwarding the practice of leadership,

... stewards of human potential
... stewards of organizational accomplishment
... stewards of environmental accountability

What we are about ...

Calvin Klein - Wisdom Keeper and Provocateur
Calvin sees sustainabililty as an "Ollience" of spheres; human, economic, and ecologic; he developed the 's3 Sustainability Framework', a new model to help business leaders think strategically and sustainably.

Founder and President of The Nature of Business, LLC. Photo

Calvin’s unique experience as an executive coach, corporate strategist, farmer and wildlife artist, give him a unique perspective and insight into the colliding worlds of business and nature. For 6 years, Calvin has helped individuals and organizations apply the principles of nature to the problems of business. A partial list of Calvin’s clients include: Fidelity Investments, Drexel Heritage, McDonald’s, Beneficial Life, Equitable Life and Casualty and 3M Health Systems. Calvin also designs and ghost-writes electronic postcards about leadership. Calvin has received certifications for coaching, from The Hudson Institute; for leadership assessment from The Leadership Circle; for providing volunteer hospice services from Medicaire. He and his wife, Patty, split their time between their farm in Iowa (nature) and their careers (business) in Utah.

Terrence Pageler - Ideasman and Createur
Terry believes business sustainability requires an "Ollience" between the organizations and their customers; he innovated "PowerCore" to provide businessess the missing measurement of customer loyalty and sustainability.

Founder and President of PowerCore, Inc. Photo

Terry's next segment ... Once a senior advertising executive, Terry is rehabilitating himself by ...

Tim Davies- Helmsman and Collaborateur
As head of the Steering Committee, Tim collaborates with a wide range of ressources; he distills his insights into the navigation points we use to steer the vessel “Ollience'.

Director of Sales Operations, Medtronic Photo

Tim has a broad history and experience in Marketing, Business Development strategies, Sales Leadership and Operations, an Information Systems. He understands the metrics of business and the importance of the development of highly functional work teams that foster and generate a highly efficient change management system. This blend of experiences over the last 30 years provides a unique set of skills to address the critical change challenges of today’s businesses eco-systems and landscape of opportunities.