The Nature of Business

Doing something NATURALLY means "with ease or by instinct"
Doing something UN-NATURALLY means "with difficulty or by force"

Business people, as a whole, understand the fix we have put ourselves in. They are less certain about how to fix it. Nearly every problem we face – economy, energy, complexity, sustainability – has a parallel in nature. We can learn a lot from a natural system that has survived near-extinction, creates and thrives in complexity, is infinitely sustainable, and provides the foundations for our existence.

At the Nature of Business, we believe that alignment with the natural order enhances our likelihood of success, satisfaction, and sustainability; conflict with the natural order enhances our chances to fail. What we know intellectually, should not be the enemy of what we know inherently.

The pace of change we create added to the change we are called to do make for a very complex working environment. There will be more variables than we can consider. They will all be moving much faster and become more interconnected. Most will be beyond our ability to understand or control.

What does it all mean for businesses and the people who run them? In short, it means that what brought us here won't get us there. Nearly every aspect of business (identity, strategy, leadership, and interaction) must change in order to survive (let alone thrive) in the business environment heading toward us.

At the Nature of Business, we are dedicated to helping people and businesses make sustainable change and thrive in the complex future we face. We apply principles of nature to business problems because Nature is a model of complexity that has thrived for millions of years despite 5 near-death catastrophes, and because catastrophe number 6 will be avoided (or determined) by the type of change we are choosing right now.

This BLOG was created to steer that change; to help guide success, satisfaction, and sustainability for individuals and organizations alike; to influence the nature of work, at a most influential time.