The P.I.G. Approach ...

The Nature of Leadership

Disclaimer: The narrative contained here-in has nothing to do with pigs. Any attempt to draw a correlation between traits of leaders and traits of swine would be too far reaching. As a former producer of Durocs (a comely breed of swine) I simply liked the acronym.

“P” stands for potential: developing yours; positively influencing others.
“I” stands for integral: caring for the parts that make us whole; also caring enough about the larger whole to be an influential part.
“G” stands for generational: “planting and tending to trees under whose shade we will never sit.”

In a nutshell, these are the leadership principles that naturally shape our potential, from person to planet. P.I.G. could easily transform into G.P.I. - an indicator being vetted to replace GDP (Gross Domestic Product). GDP is an economic indicator, primarily of spending. GPI is an indicator of human progress. It is an acronym for General Progress Indicator and considers non-economic factors such as human health, public safety, and environmental sustainability.

Although much of our behavior must change, one behavior will not. As workers, we perform to the factors we are measured against. Here are two performance dimensions we should consider for the future:

LEVEL of SYSTEM – Spheres of Influence
  • Individual – part within the whole
  • Organization – sum of the parts
  • Global Citizen - part played in the collective whole

  • LEVEL OF PERFORMANCE – Styles of Influence
  • Economic – value and productivity
  • Fulfillment – potential and well being
  • Sustainability – ongoing availability

  • The more entwined our lives, our business and our environment become, the more essential it is that we understand the principles that sustain them all and the health of each.