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If we keep going the direction we are headed, we will likely get there…

We recognize there is a need to change; painful economic realities, environmental imbalances, individual well being in a state of decline. But the path of change is less clear. The challenges we face have parallels in nature, a system which lives on in spite of catastrophe and thrives in complexity. At The Nature of Business, we believe that realignment with nature’s principles will improve our ability to be successful and sustainable, and that violation of these principles will be our undoing.

Our guiding principle: To do something naturally is to do it easily or instinctively
Our principle violation: To do something unnaturally is to do it with difficulty or by force
Identity Complexity Emergence Adaptation Sustainability

1: Individual parts coming together to form a greater wholes
2: Capability of the whole that cannot be found in any of the parts

Guiding Principle
Capabilities emerge in the whole because of the relationship between its parts

  • Emergent capabilities
  • A system; holistic
  • Whole is unexplained by the all the parts
  • The whole is able to do what all the parts cannot
  • Increasing parts requires increasing maintenance

  • Guiding Principle
    The whole is harmed because we ignore the relationship between its parts

  • Unintended / unimaginable consequences
  • A mechanism - Fragmentation
  • Explaining the parts explains the whole
  • The whole can do what all the parts add up to
  • Increasing parts requires increasing control