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To change the direction the world is headed, we must change the way the world is led
Having reason to change is irrelevant. Nothing changes until that moment we decide to. Our Work is about leading sustainable change; ... in ourselves, in our work, and in our world.

Forums of Change are high impact events that drive change decisions and choices
  • presentations that provide interruption and insight
  • conversations to ensure that insights are applied
  • Paths of Change are high performance services that steer change processes
  • tools and techniques to support the change process
  • expert guides to help navigate the change journey
  • Details
    Change Leadership Strategy Sustainability Brand Youngins & You

    \ 'lee-der-ship\
    1 : the position responsible for making the whole sustainable and greater than the sum of its parts
    The Leadership Forum for Change

    "The Four Winds of Leadership"

    What You Will Learn
  • Practices of the past that will fail in the future
  • Why results require relationships
  • How to tap the potential people - the only infinite resource
  • The 5 essential elements of an effective leader

  • Why It Is Important
  • People turn to times of turmoil and uncertainty
  • The more uncertain people feel about their situation, the greater hope they place on their leaders
  • Trust in leadership is at an all-time low; job dissatisfaction at an all-time high
  • Leaders will make the decisions, and marshal the resources, that shape our future

  • The Leadership Path (tm) of Change

    What You Will Do

  • Results You Will Produce