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To change the direction the world is headed, we must change the way the world is led
Having reason to change is irrelevant. Nothing changes until that moment we decide to. Our Work is about leading sustainable change; ... in ourselves, in our work, and in our world.

Forums of Change are high impact events that drive change decisions and choices
  • presentations that provide interruption and insight
  • conversations to ensure that insights are applied
  • Paths of Change are high performance services that steer change processes
  • tools and techniques to support the change process
  • expert guides to help navigate the change journey
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    "Get outside you fidgety youngin's" was an expression my Mother used when too much energy was inside the house. I use the expression here (fondly) to encourage others to do the same, particularly with children. "Outside" is where nature is. Oddly enough, outsides is also the place that the nature inside us, often comes out.

    As a whole, we have disconnected ourselves from a very important part; the nature around us and the one inside us. Help your family, and yourself, reconnect to the nature in and around them. Here are a few suggestions how ...
    Plant a seed ...

    Sit with something being born ...

    Sit with a loved one dying ...

    Be a small part of something much larger ...

    Go to the rack ...

    Don't torture yourself ...

    Care for it and watch it grow. You値l be reminded that seeds are simply untapped potential; potential that is hard to contain when cared for; easy to kill if ignored.

    Dog, cat or cow. You値l be reminded how miraculous life is, that a fair amount of pain is born to bring it about, and that each living thing, at the earliest age, has a unique nature all their own.

    You値l be reminded how painfully important others are to you, how important you are to them, and how small life's big window feels.

    Spend two days (alone) in the wild. You値l be easily reminded how humbling greatness is when you stand before it and how loud silence is when your thoughts rise from it.

    A magazine rack. Grab some coffee and sit in front of a large commercial magazine rack (like Barnes and Noble痴). Spend ten minutes with every magazine that calls to you. You値l reconnect with your natural interests and abilities. You may also be reminded how little time you spend with either.

    Torture is taking away the things that come most naturally to us. "Isolation" and "immobility" are two of its oldest forms.
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